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Kyu grade development

Hello!  I've been training for about a year in Cambridge (with some injury related gaps) and hope to increase my attendance as I just starting to get a feel for the basics.  Something that I have wondered, but am too embarrassed to ask in class is about the differences between kyu grades? (given that there is no indication in our club between a 9th and 1st kyu other than watching or being paired against a more experienced practitioner).

I'm a red belt 9th kyu.  Simon Yeo's book was very helpful in covering the range of techniques we don't necessarily cover in every class.  I still have some difficulty with rolling and also 'musha dori'.  I've done a number of martial arts in the past and this is more like the kung fu I did in my mid teens - fairly informal, some set techniques but lot of variations, a lot of weapons, a lot of pain (particularly if you get it wrong).  I genuinely believe this is better for defence when done correctly, but still get annoyed with the bruises from some of the big animals in my class ;)
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